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The concept of Morning Wood Camo came about rather innocently, for such a devious product line.  In late October of 2002, owner Craig Olson was headed to the Cabela's store in East Grand Forks, MN to shop for a new blaze orange camo jacket.  It was coming up on Wisconsin deer season, where he would be joining his father for 9 days of hunting at the cabin that they had begun to build earlier that year.

With the background of a product designer, Craig began looking closely at the fabrics, features, and bells & whistles available on all the new blaze camo jackets.  Just then, a "blob" in one of the jackets caught his eye.  Proof positive that men are, indeed, ALWAYS thinking about sex, Craig thought that if you squinted your eyes just right, that the particular "blob" looked just like a stripper silhouette.

In what some inventors describe as their "flash of genious", the lightbulb lit up over Craig's head...."It's BLAZE ORANGE CAMO...what the hell do the deer care what the shapes are?!?!"  Overly excited about his new concept, Craig left the store without purchasing a jacket and headed home to get going on a design.  The first design was quick and crude, just to see what the reaction of friends and co-workers would be.  "Awesome", "when can I get it", and "I wish I had thought of that", were the common responses.  That's when he knew that he was onto something.

Craig got back to designing the pattern.  The first round, of what he thought was the "final version", had 22 very highly-detailed silhouettes.  It was good, but he was not happy with how often the shapes repeated in the pattern.  So, just adding a shape here, another one there, in his spare time, the pattern grew to 67!  Not taking note of the count, at the time the pattern was finished, Craig says if he'd known, he would have spent the extra time to make just 2 more! 

Morning Wood Camo was born.  Now, to get products produced...UGH!  A tall task, because of big minimum runs from fabric manufacturers, but Craig was "connected" with some people from his days as a footwear and outerwear designer.  Morning Wood Camo is now partnered with the best manufacturers in their respective fields, to bring the highest quality products to you.  Our mission is to give you and your friends many laughs, and to creat long-lasting stories.

Thank you!
Team Morning Wood