Almost 6 years in development, thousands of hours of independant lab and field testing has proven that our Morning Wood Camo pattern is no more likely to hide you from your wife, girlfriend, or both, than any other camo pattern...but you will have more fun wearing it than any other camo on the market!

Morning Wood Camo consists of 67 unique, sexy, female silhoettes, arranged to look like a woodland camo pattern from a distance.  Get closer and then you start to see the naked truth about what make our stripper camo pattern so different!

We do not sell any of the Morning Wood Camo products here, but you will find links to our dealers where you can buy them, both online and in stores.  For those of you who are business owners (bars, strip clubs, construction trade) we also have an imprint program, where you can get your logo printed or embroidered on Morning Wood Camo t-shirts and caps through your local embroiderer. 
Thank you!
Morning Wood Camo
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Morning Wood Camo Jeep
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67 different stripper silhouettes make Morning Wood Camo the most unique, highly-detailed, novelty camouflage on the market!